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Building a course in Brightspace

If you are building your course from scratch in Brightspace, our Teaching with Brightspace resource is the place to start. It is a centralized hub which includes topics such as; how to create course content (including activities and assessments), the new Classic/New Content experience, communicating with learners, online exams and grading.

When and how do Brightspace course sites get created and populated with learners?

Brightspace credit (CRN) course sites are created automatically (mid-May for the fall and spring terms, mid-February for the summer session). Once enrolment is open, Brightspace credit courses will automatically update with registered learners. Please see How do I get a Brightspace course? for more information.

If you are teaching two or more courses that share the same content, consider cross-listing (combining) them prior to the first day of class. More cross-listing information is available.

How do instructors get access to courses in Brightspace?

Instructors are added to Brightspace credit (CRN) courses once they are listed as the Instructor of Record in Banner by their department. If your teaching appointment has not been processed yet but your department has confirmed it, email us the confirmation and we will assist as soon as we can.

How do I add Teaching Assistants (TAs) to my course in Brightspace?

Instructors can add Teaching Assistants (TAs) with valid NetLink IDs through the Brightspace Classlist tool and assign them one of two roles: Teaching Assistant or Super Teaching Assistant.

How do I add waitlisted and/or auditing learners to my Brightspace course?

Instructors can admit waitlisted and/or auditing learners to their Brightspace course through the Instructor Services Tool. Waitlisted and/or auditing learners will be added automatically once the system processes the changes.

How do I copy content from one course site to another in Brightspace?

To copy Brightspace content from one site to another, please see the “Copy course components” section hereIf you would like to walk through the steps via Zoom, please use one of our live help options here.

Do I need to open (activate) my Brightspace course for learners?

Yes! Learners are unable to access a Brightspace course until the course has been activated AND the start date has passed. We  have step-by-step instructions and some common reasons why learners are unable to see a course site. 

What tools can I use to communicate with my learners?

UVic-supported tools that instructors can use to communicate with learners include: 
    1. Brightspace 
      1. Classlist emails 
      2. Announcements 
      3. Discussion forums, activity feeds, etc. 
    2. Microsoft Outlook 
    3. Microsoft Teams 
      1. Messages (one-on-one or group) 
      2. Channels (open to the class or private) 
      3. Video calls 
    4. Zoom 

How do I schedule and add a Zoom meeting to Brightspace?

We recommend that instructors manage, and encourage learners to attend, class Zoom meetings through Brightspace, as this will ensure that everyone has logged in with their UVic credentials. 

If you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting outside of Brightspace (e.g., through Microsoft Outlook, your web browser), please see the University Systems Zoom help videos below.

Please note that you can sign into the Zoom desktop application using the Single Sign-On (SSO) option and your UVic credentials rather than inputting your email and password when prompted to sign in.

How can I record and share my classes with learners?

If you are teaching in-person, we recommend using Echo360. Please check out our Echo360 resources for recording in-person classes for more information, including, but not limited to: A list of classrooms equipped for recording, our class recording cheat sheet, privacy considerations, when to record, a syllabus statement and suggestions for setting expectations with your learners.

If you are teaching an online class, we recommend using UVic’s Zoom to record your session to the cloud, as this will automatically move your Zoom recording to Echo360 in Brightspace where you can share the recording with your learners.

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