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 This article explains how to share media with learners in Brightspace and beyond.

Share in Brightspace 

There are three main ways to share Echo360 media within Brightspace. With these three approaches, students cannot download media and they cannot edit media.

Note: The ability to download can be enabled, by the instructor, within an individual Echo course.

Add an Echo360 Course Link (Recommended)

The recommended way to use Echo360 in Brightspace is to create an Echo360 course link. This link can direct students to one specific video or collection of media for the course.


Add Echo360 course link to your site content


  1. Navigate to a Brightspace course and go to Content.
  2. Add or go to a topic/module (many instructors place Echo360 in the first topic).
  3. Select Existing Activity to the module (or Add Existing in the new content experience).
  4. Select External Learning Tools from the list of options.
  5. Choose Add Echo360 Course from options available.
  6. Click on the Add Echo360 link created in the step above (you will likely want to rename it).
  7. Choose the course term when prompted. This connects your Bright course to your Echo360 class home page.

You can now upload videos to the Echo360 class home page (from your Echo360 Library or other sources) following these instructions. Students can access this page from the link you created in the steps above.


Link a specific video to your content (after you have completed the steps above)


  1. Repeat steps 1 to 7 above.
  2. Click on the link you just created and, under Connect your Content, select either:
  • Link to Existing Section Content to choose the specific piece of media you want to link to that has already been uploaded to your class home page OR
  • Link to Existing Section Home Page if you want to create a link where learners can see all media for the course in one place (Class home page).


When you add Echo360 to your Brightspace in this way, you are able to access the full range of features should you choose to use them.  These include:


  • Managing video settings for the class (e.g., Q&A, prevent download)
  • Automatically publishing class recordings (if desired)  
  • Adding polls/activities to your Brightspace gradebook
  • Allowing learners to use personalized notes, bookmarks, etc.
  • Limiting the audience to those in your course
  • Easily keeping track of class engagement, confusion flags, etc. 
  • Providing access to other instructors/Super TAs automatically 

When a student passes through the link from Brightspace into Echo360, they are automatically added as a student (Note: Inform students they must click on the Echo link in your site before they can participate in class polls via the Echo360 app).

Embed video in text (Insert Stuff)

In Brightspace you (and learners) can embed Echo360 videos anywhere there is an HTML editor (e.g., in a page, assignment instructions, discussion post, etc.). This is a good option if you want multiple videos on a page surrounded by other content, such as text or images.  

  1. Go to your page or post (any place with a HTML editor). 
  2. If you are adding a video to a page, begin editing the page. 
  3. Click  the “Insert stuff” media icon in the editor bar. (This icon will look square with an arrow/shapes). 
  4. Choose “Add Echo360 Media”. 
  5. Select the video you wish to add (if you have already uploaded) or go to “Add New” to upload. 

More information: Embedding Echo360 media in Brightspace

Share a link as a "Topic" in Brightspace

If you do not want to add an “Echo course link”  (as explained above), you can still add a link to video to a topic using this method. 

Once you have uploaded your video to your library:

  1. Go to Content in the Nav Bar. 
  2. Click on the module where you would like to add the video. 
  3. Click “Existing Activities” or “Add Existing” button (the text on the button will vary depending on if you are using Classic or New Content Experience). 
  4. Select “Single Echo360 Video Link”. 
  5. Select the video you wish to add. 

Note: This method does not provide the opportunity to automatically grant access to TAs or prevent downloads.


Additional options

There are a number of additional ways to share video links with others. While these do not provide the full capabilities of Echo360 in Brightspace, they may suit your needs in some cases:

Share with specific individuals or groups

Share Echo360 media (videos, polls, presentations) with specific people or groups using the share icon.


  • Individual 
    • Share media with any UVic Echo360 user. For example, this might be an individual learner in a course for feedback or a custom assignment, a TA to have them assist with editing polls or transcripts, or other.
    • Students cannot edit media and cannot download media
    • Students can edit the transcript
    • Students can copy media
  • Collection
    • Create folder-like groups so that you can share a collection of media from your Library with others (e.g., learner group projects, a make-up activity, alternate content to support an accommodation) 
    • Can manually enrol individual UVic users, or
    • Can create a self-enrol link that is shareable, default permissions are ‘Reviewer’ (watch only)
    • Can customize permissions for any member of the Collection

More about creating links to share media

Share with a public or private link

Use links when you need to share your content beyond the classroom or in a different environment (e.g., a class chorus or orchestra performance, adding a welcome video to a course WordPress (OAC) website). 



  • Public link
    • Can share with UVic and non-UVic users
    • Can disable the link at any time (prevent viewing)
    • User cannot download media
    • User can download transcript file

How to create a private link (UVic-only) or public link (anyone)

What's next?

Video-based assessments provide opportunities for learners to practice and develop communication, presentation and critical thinking skills while engaging with class materials, concepts and ideas in meaningful and academically rigorous ways. Echo360 allows instructors to provide personalized time-stamped feedback for learners directly within their video.

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