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Zoom/Echo360 Integration 

With Zoom/Echo360 integration, your Zoom cloud recordings will be automatically copied your personal Echo360 media library in Brightspace – where they can be edited, managed, and shared with students – no need to download and upload your file! 

The Echo360 recording will not be shared with anyone unless you specify that they should be.  For further information on how to share your recording with students, refer to publishing and sharing videos in Echo360.


To use this feature, your preferred email address must be your UVic netlink ID


 If you do not want your Zoom recordings to be copied into Echo360, continue to record locally and save your recording to your computer.  Zoom cloud recordings are deleted after 7 days. 

Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically copied to Echo360 



Record in Zoom

Choose Record to Cloud when starting a recording


Recording arrives in Echo360

In your Echo360 library usually within 1 hour


Recording removed from Zoom

Automatically deleted after 7 days

You will receive three notifications through this process:


Email from Zoom

“Your Zoom recording is ready”


Email from Echo360

“Your video has been uploaded to library”


Email from Zoom

“You have recording(s) that will be permanently deleted”*

* Zoom Cloud Recordings are only temporarily available for 7 days to allow Echo360 ingestion.  We recommend that you confirm your video has been added to the Echo360 library prior to this time.

Requirements for Zoom Integration

Upload Times

The time it takes for a Zoom cloud recording to be uploaded to a user’s Echo360 library will vary depending on the length of the recording. Approximate upload times for 5, 30, and 60 minute uploads are as follows:

  1. 5 minute recording – 5 minute upload
  2. 30 minute recording – 5-10 minute upload
  3. 60 minute recording – 15-20 minute upload

Transcript upload times will vary as well. For recordings 30 minutes or less, the transcript will likely upload 5-10 minutes. Longer recordings may take up to an hour.

Locating a missing recording

If a recording does not appear in Echo360 after the expected duration, you can locate it in UVic Zoom and upload it manually to Echo360.

    Access and download your zoom recording

    1. Sign in to your Zoom web portal.
    2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings.
      You will see a list of cloud recordings that you started.
    3. Adjust the date range and status, then search by host, meeting ID, topic, or keyword.
    4. Find the cloud recording you want to download
    5. To download: Click More and select download.

    Media can then be uploaded and shared with your course.

        Sharing your Echo360 Media

        Once your video is available in your Echo360 library, you can edit it (if needed) and share it with students. A recommended way share media with students in Brightspace is by creating an Echo360 link. This is done by going to Add Existing Activities > External Learning Tool > Add Echo360.

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