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At UVic, we are committed to fostering a learning environment that is both innovative and inclusive, which isn’t simply about embracing the new but also ensuring that advancements serve our community holistically through our technology adoption.

While we look to integrate new learning technology tools for their potential to enhance learning, it is important that they undergo rigorous testing to ensure alignment with UVic’s pedagogical and security standards, as well as a privacy impact assessment. We ensure this balance through our technology adoption process.

The technology adoption process includes the following components

Initial review

assessed by the LTSI division

Functionality check

support availability
user capacity

Accessibility assessment

compliance check W3C
WCAG 2.0 standards and
potential costs to learners

technical compatibility

common equipment, browsers, UVic platforms addressed

Privacy safeguards

review of data handling
account requirements
student material ownership

Learner-centred evaluation

learning-centred teaching
potential and classroom alignment

LTSI offers adoption recommendations and, if needed, deeper security reviews.

Technology Adoption Requests

If you would like to recommend a technology for wider institutional adoption into UVic’s Learning Technology Environment, contact us to request a meeting or suggest a tool for future consideration.

Some key considerations for adoption, integration and support of new learning technologies include: 


  • This includes the numbers of users that will benefit from the tool and the uniqueness of functionality.
  • A pilot may be conducted with instructors and students to evidence value before consideration of institutional adoption. 

Alignment with principles for learning technology

Privacy and security standards

  • It must undergo and privacy impact assessment and be able to integrate into the Learning Technology Environment in a FIPPA-compliant way.
  • All technology must also comply with UVic security standards.  

Resources and central support

  • Each new tool requires resources and central support be available to sustain its use.
  • In exceptional cases, technologies may be integrated with only best effort support provided. 

Our latest integrations

We integrated three new tools this year. Revel by Pearson was integrated into Brightspace: which reimagines the traditional textbook, offering students an interactive and immersive experience. Leganto course reserves system was also integrated with Brightspace, to streamline course materials and readings into one virtual space. Lastly, PrairieLearn was piloted and adopted as a tool to deliver adaptive in-the-moment feedback and enabling students to master learning concepts.

As we continue to incorporate new ways of learning and teaching, we invite instructors to recommend new tools for exploration. Learn more about our learning technologies.

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