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Macmillan Learning has recently announced that they are sunsetting iClicker Classic software that UVic instructors have used to foster in-class student engagement, and transitioning to iClicker Cloud.

iClicker Cloud is a fully-online student response system capable of collecting student feedback and responses in real time. The software allows students to use their own devices to respond to polls, quizzes, and questions. The new platform has been integrated with UVic’s Learning Management System (Brightspace). This allows for classlist syncing and the ability to send iClicker Cloud assessments directly to the Brightspace gradebook.

The software is available for free download from the iClicker website, and is available on a classroom instructor workstations from the Software Centre (to access, go to the Start menu and type Software Center). It is recommended that instructors use the classroom workstation in order to minimize the impact on classroom WiFi connectivity. Learn how to create a free instructor account here.

What’s Happening to iClicker Classic?

iClicker Classic’s mobile connection will not work after the end of the year.  For those committed to using iClicker Classic locally, there will be a final simplified version released at the end of the year. However, this version will not offer student mobile participation or LMS integration, and will not be supported moving forward.

If you are hoping to continue using iClicker Classic (with no ability for students to use the phone application), please contact ltsisupport@uvic.ca for guidance.

Syncing iClicker Cloud with Brightspace

iClicker Cloud has been integrated with UVic’s Brightspace instance to allow for classlist and gradebook syncing.

Syncing between your iClicker Cloud course and Brightspace course means linking the courses together so that grades can be sent from iClicker Cloud to Brightspace. You will need to repeat this syncing process each time you want to connect an iClicker Cloud course to a Brightspace one.



  1. Log in to the iClicker Cloud web interface at instructor.iclicker.com and click your course name.
  2. Click Settings in the sidebar navigation.
  3. Within “Brightspace Integration”, click Connect to Brightspace, and then click Go to Brightspace. If prompted, log in to Brightspace using your NetLink ID
  4. iClicker will request authorization. Click Authorize.
  5. You will be brought back to the iClicker Cloud web interface, where you will see a list of the Brightspace courses that you teach. Select the course you wish to link, and click Next.
  6. If your course has multiple sections, select the section(s) you wish to add to your class, and click Connect.
  7. Click Sync Roster Now to complete the integration.
  8. Click Save.

For more detailed instructions, please see the iClicker Cloud Knowledge Base page here.

Using iClicker Cloud with your Students

iClicker Cloud software is available for installation on all classroom workstations from the Software Centre. Once it has been installed to a profile on a computer, there is no need to re-install for the next use and further logins on that workstation. It is possible to use your iClicker instructor remote. please see the documentation here.


It is possible for students to use either the classic, physical clickers, or the app from their personal device and connect to the cloud version of the software. For the former option, please connect the base station located in the instructor podium cabinet, as in the past.


Students are still able to use physical iClicker remotes and/or mobile and web applications, however registration will look a bit different. No matter what device students use, they will create an iClicker Student account and will register their remote in the settings of their account.


iClicker has provided these customizable registration slides to assist with guiding your students through the process: UVIC iClicker First Day of Class Slides

Additionally, there are resources available for students on the iClicker website, including:

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