How do you create a written assessment that has an unlimited number of attempts? (Quiz Tool)

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This post will show you how to create an assessment in Brightspace that has an unlimited number of attempts using the Quiz tool: 

  1. Create a quiz  
  2. Add written response question (enable HTML editor when creating question)  
  3. Inside “Assessment” tab, under “Attempts”, in the drop-down menu, select Unlimited  
  4. Under that drop-down menu is a second drop-down menu for “Overall Grade Calculation”.
    Here you can choose your preferred method for calculating the overall score of all attempts
  5. To have the overall grade show up in the grade book, select “Allow automatic export to grades” underneath Auto Export to Grades 
  6. Note: Do not select Automatic Grade, as the mark will appear as a 0% for any ungraded attempts (especially if your quiz contains written response questions, which cannot be automatically graded by Brightspace). This will lower the learners average – This is deceiving of what the learners’ grade should be. 
  7. Optional – You may choose to create a grade item for the quiz as well as a category at this time. If you want the quiz to be graded, a grade item is required, but can be created before or after this quiz and associated with the quiz later. 
  8. Save changes -> Quiz has been created.  


  1. From the Navigation (blue) bar, click on Course Tools > Quizzes 
  2. The quiz will have a ” v ” mark to the right of it. Click this button to view the dropdown menu, then click on Grade.  
  3. Find the unmarked attempts from a learner (you may search by user or attempts). Click on an unmarked attempt  
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to see the submission.   
  5. Insert a Final Score (above) and Score (below), then submit.  
  6. Optional – You may add any feedback before submitting. 
  7. Find the overall grade of the student below their attempts (average). 
  8. If you selected “Allow automatic export to grades” (step 5 in Quiz Creation), the learners average will be displayed in Grades automatically. If you did not select this option, then you will have to manually input the grade average of the students. 

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