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Course team creation: Course Teams are created for a given course when the Office of the Registrar register the course section and CRN.

Course team membership: Course teams are populated with members (students) and owners (instructors) overnight.  It can take up to 24 hours after course registration for students and instruction to be placed in a course team.  Instructors can manually add additional team owners and members (other co-instructors, TAs, etc) as needed.  Waitlisted students _are_ included in Course Team membership.  Students don’t actually get to view/access a course team until it is ‘activated’ by the instructor. Learn more about how and where course activation is performed here.

Course Team archival: After a course’s term ends, the course team is scheduled for archival on the first day of the subsequent term.  Information about what archiving a team does to it is described in the ‘What happen when a team is archived’ section of this page.  Course Teams are archived for TWO years, learn about restoring your team on this page.

Course Team deletion: After a course team has been archived for two years, it is deleted.  Instructors and students are removed from course teams prior to deletion so that the teams cannot be un-deleted (team owners can un-delete teams).  A deleted course team can be recovered for 30 days after it is deleted.

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