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Trefor Bazett introduces a Calculus readiness assessment during the first tutorial of Math 100: Calculus 1. This assessment is crafted to identify individual pre-calculus proficiencies and areas needing improvement (8.2). Self-study resources are then available so that students can improve their pre-calculus skills (9.2). Aiming to keep this assessment low-stakes and stress-free, the assessment enables students to demonstrate what they know without prior preparation, with options to retake at their own pace as many times as they like. This flexibility not only helps students gauge their progress but also emphasizes the importance of self-guided learning. 

Furthermore, prior to each lecture, Bazett provides pre-class quizzes on Brightspace. Accompanied by an array of learning materials – from instructional videos to textbook references – these quizzes serve a dual purpose. They introduce foundational calculus concepts, priming students for more intricate discussions during class. Moreover, their design encourages self-evaluation (9.3). Through these concise, immediate-feedback quizzes, students can ascertain if they are grasping the essentials. 

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Trefor Bazett

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