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In Lara Lauzon’s Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education 142 course: Personal Health, Wellness, and Potential, the lifestyle change project is a clear example of fostering self regulation. Students engage in this project by setting detailed goals using the SMART model, linking these objectives to the 7 Dimensions of Wellness (9.1). They choose a change model, like Prochaska’s Stages of Change, to navigate their personal wellness journey, integrating activities and processes that are meticulously documented and analyzed throughout the term. This comprehensive approach is grounded in academic research, with students critically reflecting on their progress and challenges, supported by various scholarly and practical resources.

Complementing this, one minute reflection papers are utilized after selected lectures and guest presentations, prompting students to reflect on their learning. These brief writings encourage immediate, introspective feedback, allowing students to consolidate their understanding and emotionally connect with the course material (6.4, 9.3). This reflective practice not only enhances their grasp of health and wellness concepts but also bolsters their self-regulatory skills, essential for personal development.

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EPHE 142 – Personal Health Wellness and Potential
1 Minute Student Reflection Papers

Example 1

Written by Emma Gruger

This class has given me an opportunity to reflect on what health and wellness looked like in my life. My understanding of both health and wellness has changed drastically to viewing health as only physical to now understanding health applies to every aspect of my life. I think about little habits as contributing to my health such as staying present, breathing fresh air, and doing small things for others. I think the biggest change in my thinking is that health is connected throughout all realms of my life and balancing and putting effort into each aspect will create the healthiest version of myself. Having the opportunity to hear from multiple guest speakers enriched my learning experience and added value to the many different units on health. Each speaker came with different life experiences and lessons which helped put into perspective that everyone deals with challenges but it’s how you respond to such challenges that shows one’s strength and power. The word potential has also changed meaning for me throughout the semester. In September I thought I knew what my potential was which was to graduate with my degree and get a job. I now realize my potential is endless and that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to. I think that’s a special capability once you realize you have control over the direction you take your life and that you are responsible for actions and choices you make. Saying all this I am not sure what my potential holds, but I also know your potential can change as you meet new goals. I know my next steps in life are to travel the world and I believe I will find my purpose and meaning in life through traveling which will encourage me to reach my potential. I want to say a big thank you to Lara Lauzon for being a catalyst in my journey towards becoming a better version of myself. She taught me so many different ways to understand how health and wellness can be implemented into my life and has encouraged me to keep reflecting on this throughout my life. Thank you for all the knowledge it won’t be forgotten.

Example 2

Written by Katie Rostad

Rob’s presentation was truly eye-opening for me. One part of his presentation that really stood out to me was about his journey swimming from Victoria to Vancouver and how he was doing it to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. During his presentation, I noticed the themes of what he was doing but also why he was doing it. For some of his events, he was doing it to satisfy others while not thinking about why he wanted to do it. His quote about how “I want to do this” and thinking about why it is important was very inspirational. It is easy to do things for others because you believe that it will make them happy, but the issue is that you are not doing it for yourself. What also stood out in this presentation was about who you surround yourself with. Making sure you surround yourself with people who lift you up and get rid of the people who are pulling you down. In high school I spent time with people who I thought were supporting me, but it turns out they were just bringing me down and stopping me from reaching my fullest potential. Once I realized this, I was able to surround myself with people who lifted me up, thus raising my self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore, by taking Rob’s lessons into account, I have learned at university that I can be alone without being lonely. In the end, I found Rob’s presentation highly inspirational and by hearing his story, it allowed me to think about my purpose in life and who I surround myself with.

Example 3

Written by Katie Rostad

At the end of EPHE 142, I have been able to reflect upon myself and my lifestyle. Through learning about personal health, wellness, I have reached my potential. During the term, I was able to combine theory and practice through a group project, engaging course topics, a lifestyle change project, reflection pieces, and inspirational guest speakers. When reflecting on this course, I did not realize the impact the course material, guest presenters, Dr. Lauzon, and the lifestyle change project would have on me. Each class I learned something new that I took with me into my daily life and shared with friends and family. 

While all the assignments taught me something valuable, the lifestyle change project had the biggest impact on my life. This experiential learning project allowed me to take the theories learned in class and apply them to my life, through putting into action a positive lifestyle change that I wanted to make. For this project, I chose the goal of becoming physically active by starting to go to gym. With this powerful project, I was able to overcome my anxieties and worries about the gym. By hiring and working with a personal trainer at CARSA for a few months, it allowed me to be accountable and consistent with making this change. After finishing with my personal trainer, I had the confidence and ambition to workout regularly on my own. It has now been one year since I took this course and to this day, I am still following through with this lifestyle change and I now go to the gym 3 times a week. Looking back, a year ago I was so afraid to even enter a gym, but now I cannot imagine my life without it. 

In the end, I would highly recommend EPHE 142 to any Uvic student, no matter your major. Through the experiential nature of this course and the fact that it is focused on personal growth and becoming the best version of yourself, it is truly transformational.

Example 4

Written by Ramina Savina

Ryan Heuman’s presentation today was a powerful and memorable experience that left a lasting impact on me. As he shared his journey of living with cerebral palsy, his resilience and determination were truly inspiring. Growing up in Calgary myself, I also had the same passion as Ryan for the outdoors and had an adventurous spirit from a young age. From camping and biking to participating in scouting, sledding, skiing, and kayaking his stories reminded me of the activities I enjoyed as a child. Some of these activities were quite challenging, making me particularly inspired by his unwavering determination. His move to Victoria in 1994 did not diminish his passion for outdoor activities, as he continued to pursue new adventures, including remarkable accomplishments such as surfing in Tofino and even climbing Mount Albert Edward. What struck me the most was his ability to keep a positive mindset in the face of challenges or difficulties he had due to his disability. This concept of looking past obstacles, celebrating wins, and daring to believe touched me greatly. Ryan’s presentation inspired me to reflect on my own life, offering me a new appreciation for the importance of perseverance and an optimistic mindset in the face of adversity. His story is an important reminder to not let limitations define our potential and to approach life with a spirit of resilience and courage. As he said, “We have the choice to be down about life’s circumstances and challenges or choose to think about all the positives, go out and do all you can do within your means”. Overall, Ryan’s presentation was a testament to the power of positivity and determination.

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