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Instructors considering ways to build flexibility in their courses this term may be wondering if students can attend class remotely. Two technologies (Echo360 Livestream or Zoom) offer the ability for students to remotely join an in-person class. The current classrooms are not equipped to allow students to fully participate remotely, with the exception of the multi-access classrooms (HHB 110 and CLE A127). 

Livestreaming is recommended only as an interim measure to supplement in-person attendance (e.g., during short-term absences) not as a reliable replacement for in-person instruction. It is also not reasonable for students to anticipate that they can take an in person class online for the full term. If you would like to discuss this further, consider contacting the faculty support teams at ltsisupport@uvic.ca.


The resident computer in rooms enabled for basic class recording with a wired internet connection must be used to ensure reliability.

Considering livestreaming for remote attendance


Interim measure only

  • For in-person courses roomed in regular classrooms, Echo360 livestreaming or Zoom should not be used to replace in-person attendance. At the current time, it should only be used as an interim measure to supplement in-person attendance (e.g., during short-term absences).

Remote participation will be limited

  • Current classrooms are not equipped to allow remote students to participate in an in-person class.  Exceptions are the multi-access classrooms (HHB 110 and CLE A127).
  • Even in small classrooms, students joining remotely may not be able to adequately see and hear class discussions, questions, or student to student interaction.

Course context and format


Prep time and communication

  • Having students join your in-person class remotely can require significant planning and careful facilitation even when used as an interim strategy.
  • When providing students with options to join online, it is important to set expectations with students – including quality of session, reduced opportunities for participation, and expectations for attending in-person whenever possible.

Have a back up plan

  • Have a plan in place in case of technical difficulties. For example, plan to post the recording or slidedeck after the class rather than problem-solving connectivity issues during class time.

Echo360 vs Zoom

For instructors looking to provide students with a supplemental way to access class material (e.g. in cases of short-term absences), Echo360 Livestream or Zoom offer functionality that allows students to join remotely. There are significant differences between these tools. 


There is limited support available for using Zoom in UVic physical classrooms at the current time.  Although Zoom allows students to join with video and audio, UVic classrooms are not currently equipped to allow easy facilitation of Zoom during teaching with full participation by students.   


Echo360 Livestreaming

  • Echo360 Livestreaming allows a class to be both recorded and broadcasted in real time for students. Livestreaming allows students to watch the session live.
  • There are limited options for participation,  but livestream can be paired with Echo360 polls and Q&A that allow all  students can participate regardless of location.   

Key considerations

  • Livestreaming is much like a class recording, except students watch in real time
  • Allows all students (online or in-person) to respond to Echo360 polls, post in Q&A, and flag content as confusing
  • Students cannot participate via video/audio (not a videoconferencing tool)
  • Automatic transcription occurs after the recording is posted (not in real time).
  • Only one visual source is recommended (e.g. webcam or presentation materials) for best results

How to Livestream

Before you livestream, you must add an Echo360 course link to your Brightspace site.

Once you have an Echo360 course link, you can livestream by checking the “livestream” button under capture details (pencil icon) when starting a recording. (How to start a livestream)

Viewing a livestream

Students can access your livestream by going to your Echo360 Course link in Brightspace and clicking on the class with the “Live” icon beside it. (Viewing a livestreamed class)

Zoom Videoconferencing

Zoom allows students to join a class (meeting) with audio and video. However, UVic classrooms are not enabled for remote students to fully participate in the class (with the exception of multi-access classrooms). Zoom is only advisable in small seminar classes.

Key considerations

  • Remote students can ask questions via voice, video, and chat
  • Chat/polls only available to online students  (not in-person students) and are no longer available after class is over.
  • Automatic transcription occurs in real time
  • Requires managing student audio (muting /unmuting)
  • Only limited support available at the current time
  • Requires admitting students from the waiting room (who have not signed in). Chime may be distracting for students.  

A full comparison of interaction opportunities is provided in the table below:

Chat (Text)

Echo360 livestreaming

  • Q&A / Chat available to all students
  • Supports questions & replies
  • Can be pre-stocked with questions
  • Can be available during & after session

Zoom live session

  • Only for online students
  • Single level (no threaded Q&A)
  • Disappears after session (must be attended to during the class or lost)

Video/audio for online students

Echo360 livestreaming

  • No video or audio of online attendees (1 way stream)
  • Attendee list available to instructor

Zoom live session

  • Audio and video of online participants can be seen/heard in classroom (videos on/unmuted)


Echo360 livestreaming

Zoom live session

  • Zoom polls  (Multiple Choice only)
  • Available only for online participants
  • Results not saved for students who are not signed in
  • Not synced with gradebook

Class recordings

Echo360 livestreaming

  • Livestreams are automatically recorded
  • Recording available directly in course

Zoom live session

  • Must click record button
  • If saved to cloud, recording will be copied into Echo360 personal library


Echo360 livestreaming

  • Confusion flagging allows all students (online and in-person to flag content they are unsure about)

Zoom live session

  • Not available

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