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Lapel microphones are widely available in classrooms also equipped with a resident computer. These microphones include a lapel mic/clip attached to a body-pack. They have been tested, and are suitable for use with a mask. The sound quality is adequate for room amplification and for class recording (in equipped classrooms).

Health and safety considerations

The risk of surface transmission is very low, and in accordance with WorkSafeBC recommendations, instructors are not required to disinfect surfaces or shared equipment including microphones.  However, there will also be isopropyl wipes located in each classroom cabinet. If an instructor should choose to do so, they may use a wipe to clean their microphone and body pack before and after use. Do not use any disinfectant sprays on the microphones as it will cause damage and return the unused isopropyl wipes package to the AV cabinet so that it is available to the next instructor.

Please remember to turn off the microphone on the body-pack and return the lapel mic and body-pack to the classroom AV cabinet when you are finished using it for the next instructor. A spare set of batteries will also be available in the classroom cabinets, accessible with an instructor key.


Do not remove lapel microphones and body-packs from rooms as replacements are unavailable.

Do not move body-packs between rooms as they are unlikely to work in any room other than the one to which it has been assigned.

How to wear and clean lapel mics

1. To use wireless lapel mic, pinch sides and open front panel

2. Press and hold on/off button until screen lights up

3. Clip mic to shirt lapel, clip base to belt or keep in pocket. Avoid touching the microphone or cover if present

4. To mute or unmute, use switch on top of base

5. Remember to turn off the microphone by pressing and holding the On/Off button. This will save the batteries for the next instructor.


Always remember to replace the body-pack back in the instructor cabinet and lock cabinet before leaving the classroom.

Classroom technology support

Instructors can access classroom technology support through the Computer Help Desk by calling 250-721-7687 or by sending email to If you are calling from a classroom please ensure to provide location information and ask for urgent escalation if you are having difficulties in a class.

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