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Echo360 is UVic's new video platform

The following workshop series focuses on how instructors can get to know the platform and make use of it in their in-person, online or blended/hybrid courses. Workshops can be taken in any order. It’s recommended to start with the introduction to Echo360 (although not required).

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Intro to Echo360

Use the new video platform for creating, editing and sharing accessible videos

Record in-person classes

Workshop and in-person demo on how to record an in-person class

Create and edit class videos

Upload, record, edit videos for your courses

Share online class recordings

Upload a class session recording (e.g., from Zoom or Teams) and share with your class in Brightspace

Student Engagement

Engage though polls and discussions, videos assessment and video feedback

Intro to Echo360

Curious about UVic’s new Echo360 video-platform? This 60-minute session will introduce participants to Echo360 and provide an overview of how Echo360 can be used for creating, editing and sharing accessible videos, and for supporting active and engaged learning experiences in a variety of teaching and learning contexts.  

What’s in it for you? By participating in this session, you will learn more about:  

  • what Echo360 is and what supports are available 
  • options for uploading and sharing videos 
  • options for recording and editing videos  
  • options for engaging learners with polls, discussions (Q&A) and interactive media 
  • options for creating video assignments and providing time-stamped feedback 

This session will be useful for faculty/instructors (and others) using Echo 360 for the first time.

Record in-person classes with Echo360 (workshop and demo)

Are you planning to record your in-person classes? UVic outfitted over 130 classrooms for the basic recording of class instruction (check if your classroom is enabled).

This two part workshop series introduces participants to key considerations for class recordings and provides an opportunity to try out class recording in-person.  Part 1 is recommended, but not required.

Part 1: Intro Class Recording

This session provides an introduction to classroom recording. Facilitators will discuss benefits and key considerations of class recording for learners and instructors and demonstrate how to record a class and share it with learners in Echo360. Time will be saved for question-and-answer.

Not Available

Part 2: Try Out Class Recording (Drop-In in person sessions)

This in-person consultation session provides demonstration and hands-on practice for starting a class recording. It’s recommended (but not required) to first attend the Part 1 Intro to Class Recording session (above).

Not Available

Create and edit videos in Echo360

As of Fall 2021, Echo360 has replaced Kaltura as UVic’s primary video platform. This 60 minute session focuses on how to record, edit and share videos for learners in Brightspace and beyond. We will provide how-to demonstration, opportunities to for hands-on experimentation, and time for discussion.

After completing this session, participants will be familiar with how to:

  • Record videos in Echo360
  • Edit videos (including captions and clips)
  • Share videos with learners within Brightspace and beyond
  • Find assistance when needed

This session will be helpful for instructors who are new to using the Echo360 video-platform. 

Sharing online class recordings

Teaching online this term? This session will explain how to upload a class session recording (e.g., from Zoom or Teams) and share with your class in Brightspace. 

What’s in it for you? By participating in this session, you will be able to:  

  • Upload a live session recording (from Zoom or Teams) to Echo360  

  • Share recordings with your class in Brightspace   

  • Be familiar with options for editing video (including captions)  

  • Be familiar with options for promoting student interactivity with your videos  

This session will be helpful for instructors who are new to using the Echo360 video-platform. 

Fostering student engagement with interactive media/video assignments

Wondering how Echo360 can help you engage learners using polls, discussions (Q&A), or how you can create and provide feedback on video assignments? This 60-minute session will cover the basics of Echo360’s learner engagement features and provide opportunities for educators to ask questions and consider how to make use of these features in their own courses. Participants will leave the session prepared to support students as they begin using the Echo 360 platform to interact with the presentations, videos and interactive media that you create.

What’s in it for you? By participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Create presentations and add slides or polls to your presentation
  • Create interactive media by adding polls to your videos
  • Create video assignments in Brightspace
  • Provide time-stamped feedback to learners on their video assignments
  • Reflect on options for how learners can engage with your content (polls, discussions, confusion flags, contextual notes and bookmarks)

This session is helpful for instructors who are new to using Echo360 or those looking for new ways to use Echo 360 to engage students.

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