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We have created a Mid-Term Feedback Survey package that you can download and use in your Brightspace course. These instructions explain how to download, upload, and revise the survey. The Mid-Term Feedback Survey includes these questions:

  1. Which elements of the course are working well for you so far?
  2. What elements of the course do you find confusing or unclear?
  3. Which elements of the course could be changed or improved?
  4. How is the pace of the course so far?
  5. How is the workload in the course so far?
  6. What challenges, if any, are you facing while engaging in remote learning in this course?
  7. What can be done to further support your learning in this course?
  8. What could you – as a student – do to make the course better for yourself, your classmates, and the instructor?


How do I copy the Mid-Term Survey form to my course?

You can copy the midterm feedback form to your course by using the instructions below or contacting for help.

Step 1: Download the Mid-Term Feedback Survey (eight questions)

Step 2: Upload the package into your own course shell

  1. In your own course shell, select Course Tools from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Course Admin, then Import/Export/Copy Components.
  3. Select the last item on the list, Import Components, and ensure you have selected From a course package.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Either drag-and-drop the course package (.zip) into Brightspace or select the document from your file by selecting Upload. (To ensure the course package is in .zip format, refrain from opening the downloaded course package).
  6. Once you have attached your course package, select Import All Components, and the content will be copied to your own course shell.
  7. You can also follow along with this video:

Step 3: Revise the feedback survey as needed

Once the survey is copied into your shell, you can revise the survey:

  1. Select Course Tools from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Surveys.
  3. Select the survey called Mid-Term Feedback Survey (eight questions).
  4. Edit the settings, questions, or description as needed. (Learn more about developing a mid-term feedback survey in our resources: Seeking Mid-Term Feedback from Students and Getting Feedback).
  5. Click Save and Close.

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