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Sometimes errors happen when setting up a quiz and you will need to update the marks for a question. To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Course Tools in the blue navigation bar near the top of the page and select Quizzes from Course Tools.
    The quizzes tool is the fourth option under the course tool menu in the top navigation bar. The course tool menu is the seventh option from the left following the class progress link.

    Select “Quizzes” from the “Course Tools” drop-down menu.


  2. Navigate to the quiz you would like to update, click the drop-down arrow beside it, and select Grade.
    Each quiz has a drop-down menu immediately after its title. The "Grade" option is fifth, following "delete" and right before "reports".

    The “Grade” option for each quiz can be accessed via the drop-down menu next to the quiz title.


  3. Select the Questions tab near the top of the page.
    Quiz attempts can be viewed in three different ways (tabs are listed as follows): users, attempts, and questions.

    To edit all user marks by question, select the “Questions” tab.


  4. Select Update all attempts if you would like to update all learners’ quiz attempts and marks simultaneously, then click on the question(s) you would like to modify. In this example, “Q1. ___ is also known as ___ history” is used.
    To update all learner's marks on any given quiz question, select the radio button to the left of "update all attempts" at the top, then select the question you wish to change the marks for. Each question is listed by its type, points, difficulty, and whether or not it was a bonus or mandatory question.

    Choose the “Update All Attempts” option and then choose the question(s) you wish to update the marks for.


  5. Scroll down to edit the Grading Type accordingly (i.e., you can give all attempts a specified number of points, or choose to give attempts with specified answers a specified number of points). You can also add a comment. When you are finished, click Save. Modifications to the question are logged at the bottom of the page.
The "update all attempts" option for each question shows the question and answer, as well as the response rate, question worth, and difficulty at the top of the page. You can then edit the grading type in bulk by either giving all attempts a specified number of points (e.g., give all attempts two marks) or by updating attempts with a specific answer with a specific number of points (e.g., those who answered x in blank one would get 1 point).

You can bulk update the mark for a question using two different methods.

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