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Migration of instructor videos from Kaltura to Echo360 is now complete. This post will provide details about the migration and what supports are available to assist in this transition.


Kaltura will remain available until September 30, 2021

Migration is now complete!

Echo360 replaced Kaltura as UVic’s video platform in Fall 2021. Instructor and staff Kaltura content has been automatically migrated (copied) to Echo360.  During migration, 40,683 videos were successfully moved to Echo360 (a success rate of over 99.99%).

Where to find migrated videos

Your migrated Kaltura content will appear in  Echo360 in Brightpace.



Echo360 library:
The first place you will find your content is in the Echo360 Library. Locate the library in Brightspace, by going to the the Nav Bar in any course, clicking “Course Tools” and choosing “Echo360 Library”

The Echo360 library is a personal space similar to  “MyMedia” in Kaltura. You can find all your videos located here in thumbnail or list view.

The Echo360 library is the first option in the top navigation bar

Echo360 Course folders.

You will also find your videos in the Courses tab in Echo360. Here they will be organized into folders (under the courses tab) corresponding to the different sites where you have published media.

the courses tab provides a folder for each course site where you have media

Usually courses have names such as Fall 2021 PSYC 489. However, course folders for migrated content are labelled as “”Kaltura_section_NUMBER” .


    Tip! The names of these folders may not appear very informative (at first). However, the section number corresponds to the course site ID where the content was published. See what course a folder corresponds to by adding the number to a Brightspace link.

    For example, the link for  “kaltura_section_1124778” would be https://bright.uvic.ca/d2l/home/1124778

    If you receive an error, it is possible the folder corresponds to an older site in CourseSpaces.
    Learn more about navigating Echo360 in the Getting Started with Echo360 guide

    What media has been migrated to Echo360?

    Videos in your Kaltura “MyMedia” library have been migrated provided they meet the following criteria:

    • Media belonging to instructors and staff
    • Created between March 1 2020- August 11, 2021
    • Duration of more than 30 seconds in length


    In addition, the new copy includes:

    • Continued access for people added as Editors, Collaborators and Viewers in Kaltura
    • Edited transcripts 

    Note: Student videos are not automatically migrated. Students requiring access to their personal content should save their videos before September 30.

    Updating your Kaltura Content 

    Kaltura videos have automatically been copied into your Echo360 library. If you have shared Kaltura content in your Fall courses (or onwards), some updating will be required. LTSI Support is here to assist with this transition by answering your questions and providing hands-on support to guide you through the updating process.

    Kaltura Video links /embedded videos.

    If you have Kaltura videos embedded in your Brightspace content (e.g. page, discussion forum, quiz, etc.), they will need to be replaced with the new Echo360 version. As of September 30, these links will become unavailable.

    To update the link:

    • Editing the page
    • Delete the Kaltura video (take note of the title!)
    • Go to Insert Stuff, and add a new video from Echo360 library

    For step by step instructions, please refer to Embedding Echo360 in Brightspace content

    LTSI is available to provide hands on support to walk you through this process. Contact us for assistance.

    Kaltura Media Gallery

    If you plan to re-use a Kaltura Media Gallery in your course this year, you will need to add the  Echo360 equivalent to your Brightspace site (Echo360 Course) and clone the contents of your migrated media section to your new course.

    1.  Go to your course and create an Echo360 course by going to Add Existing Activities > External Learning Tool > Add Echo360.  
    2. In Echo360, locate the “Kaltura Migration” section corresponding to your course. This section will hold all videos used last time.
    3. Copy the videos into your new “Echo Course” by cloning the this section

    LTSI is available to provide hands on support to walk you through this process. Contact us for assistance.

    Kaltura Quiz elements

    While the quiz videos have migrated, the questions will not. Echo360 offers many of the same types of quiz questions that can be used to replace these elements (Interactive elements)

    LTSI is available to provide hands on support to walk you through this process. Contact us for assistance.

    Manual migration

    At any time, you can migrate media manually from Kaltura if needed. 

    Export from Kaltura

    Before you can download a video from Kaltura, you must enable downloads on that video. To do so, navigate to “Course Tools” -> “Kaltura My Media” in Brightspace and press the edit button on the video to be migrated.



    Scroll to the bottom of the editing page and open the “Downloads” tab. Select “Source” under “Available Formats” then press “Save”.



    After the settings have saved, press “Go To Media” to return to the main view. Scroll down again, open the “Download” tab, and press the download button to save the video to your computer. Remember to disable downloads after (if desired).


    Import into Echo360

    Once you’ve downloaded your video(s) from Kaltura, the next step is to upload them to your Echo360 Library. To get started, log into Brightspace and navigate to “Course Tools” -> “Echo360 Library” -> “Create” -> “Upload Media”.



    You can drag and drop the file into the upload  or press pop up box, or Select Files to Upload” to select it from your computer. Press upload to add the video to your Echo360 library. Remember that it may take some time to process the video before it can be used. 

    For more information and support, visit Create and Share Videos in Echo360


    Migration Support

    Hands on support is available! This includes moving over videos created after August 11,  help with re-building Kaltura video quizzes, and walk-throughs on replacing video links in Brightspace content.

    Get Started with Echo360

    Now that your videos are available in your Echo360 Library,  check out the “Getting Started with Echo360” to begin. You can also sign up for a Echo360 workshop. 

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