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To be awarded a TA Conference Certificate (non-credit) by the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI), you are required to complete the following: 


Attend six workshops

Attend six or more individual workshops throughout the fall or spring TA Conference. You can register for these workshops on Learning Central. Each certificate is specific to the conference and therefore cannot be carried over or combined with other workshops. 

Pre-registration and full attendance are required for each workshop. If you do not attend the full workshop, your name will be removed from the registration system. When you sign into our registration page with your NetLink ID, you can view the number of workshops you have or will be attending.  


    Submit a reflective essay

    Submit a three-page reflective essay about the workshops that answers the following questions and lists the six sessions you attended (not included in the three-page limit): 

    • What were the most significant thing(s) you learned? Provide three specific examples. 
    • From what you learned, what did you use immediately or will use in the future in your role as an academic professional? 

    Make sure your name, department, and e-mail address are on your essay. It must be in essay form with proper spelling and grammar, in 12-point font, double-spaced. Please adhere to the University of Victoria’s policy on Academic Integrity and submit your own work. 

    Application process and deadline

    Submission deadline:
    Fall TA Conference – September 30
    Spring TA Conference – January 30  

    You are responsible for monitoring your progression towards attaining the certificate. When you have reached six workshops, complete the reflective essay and submit it via e-mail to theLTSI Administrative Assistant. Once we have received this, we will check to make sure you have completed the required number of workshops and have answered the questions above in your reflective writing piece. If your submission meets the criteria stipulated above, then the
    TA Conference Certificate (non-credit) will be issued and sent to you by e-mail.  


    Checklist for certificate

    • Attended at least six workshops for the Fall TA Conference or Spring TA Conference?
    • Wrote a three-page reflective piece answering the two questions above?
    • Lists the six workshops attended in the reflective essay?
    • Includes name, department, e-mail address in the reflective essay?
    • Reflective essay is written in essay form (no bullet points) with proper grammar and spelling, 12-point font, double-spaced?
    • Essay is submitted by September 30 (Fall TA Conference) or January 30 (Spring TA Conference)?

    Questions? E-mail the LTSI TA Coordinator.

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