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About the grant

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) grant supports learning and teaching projects that are designed to foster empirical research on the impact of teaching practices and that serve to support an interactive community of scholars. Funded projects involve research that enhances student learning within the context of a particular course, type of course or a program and address significant themes, such as enhancing student-faculty interaction, supporting diversity, incresing Indigenous and international inclusivity, encouraging success in writing, qualitative and quantitative skills, or engaging students in undergraduate research.

Request a consultation

If you are considering applying for this grant, we can meet with you prior to submission to provide feedback and ensure that it meets the criteria. Email to book an appointment with us.


Application Guidelines

Materials and submission form available by December 1, 2023.

Grant Deadline

Each grant will be due at 11:59pm, February 26, 2024.

Adjudication Process

Grant committees will meet in the following 30-60 days.

Applicants Notified

Applicants will be notified by May 10, 2024.


The scholarship of teaching and learning grant is open to:

  • Single or co-applicants who directly support student learning and the student experience at UVic (includes research and teaching stream faculty, sessional lecturers, laboratory instructors and relevant academic and professional staff)
  • Early-career academic professionals including graduate students* or those new to UVic are especially encouraged to apply 
  • Previous grant recipients for any LTSI grant (if your grant is still active, you must submit obligations prior to be considered for another grant)

Preference will be given to those with continued appointments. If you are a sessional instructor and you are designing/re-designing a course, we may also ask you and your Chair/Director to indicate that you are likely to teach the course again in the future.

Note for graduate students

You must be teaching a regularly scheduled course (subject to the course planning process of a unit) and the Chair/Director must confirm support of the grant proposal. Applications will also require the approval of the student’s academic supervisor and/or the unit’s Graduate Advisor to ensure the feasibility of the project and its value for both the student’s interests and the unit’s curriculum. 

Grant criteria

Successful proposals will include a:

  1. clear specific statement of what the applicant would like to achieve including intended learning outcomes;
  2. well-articulated plan for how to proceed and principles that will guide the process;
  3. description of the proposed significance of the project in terms of contributions to SoTL and course-related student experience at UVic, which demonstrate potential for significant large-scale or long-term impact;
  4. brief, targeted review of the literature that supports the plan;
  5. plan for sharing the project goals and outcomes to appropriate audiences;
  6. sustainable budget with justification for each item; and,
  7. any additional supports from LTSI or other campus partners that might be helpful for your project.

Please note: You cannot apply to more than one LTSI grant in the same year for the same project. These grants are not for the purpose of transferring course formats (i.e., face-to-face to online).

Apply for the scholarship of teaching and learning grant

Review the application process and awardee commitments.

Download the application question template to assist you in preparing your proposal.

Past recipients


  • Gillian Calder, Faculty of Law
    The Importance of Creativity, Empathy and Imagination to Legal Education in Canada ($6,888)
  • Rebecca Gagan, Department of English
    Employing Inclusive Pedagogy for Neurodiverse and Disabled Students: A Four-Part Workshop for Faculty ($7,500)
  • Mariel Miller, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
    Supporting students to leverage learning analytics for self-regulating learning in a large, first-year undergraduate course ($3,360)
  • Ben Pin-Yun Wang, Department of Pacific and Asian Studies
    Enhancing Second Language Chinese Learners’ Linguistic Awareness, Motivation and Autonomy Through Guided Discovery Learning ($6,450)


  • Ilamparithi Thirumarai Chelvan, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
    Does a style checklist matter? Improving students’ sentence level expression in electrical engineering course ($4,537) 
  • Jane Gair, Division of Medical Sciences, Island Medical Program 
    The impacts of online teaching during COVID-19 on teacher-student, student-student relationships and student learning ($4,500) 
  • Tatiana Gounko, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies Assessing Impact of the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) Graduate Program ($6,594.85) 
  • Violeta Iosub, Department of Chemistry 
    Learning analytics in introductory organic chemistry during COVID-19: insights into student engagement with online content ($3,567.74) 
  • Scott McIndoe, Department of Chemistry 
    Captioned videos for reinforcement of in-lab learning ($6,200) 
  • Andrew Murray, Academic and Technical Writing Program (ATWP)/English 
    ATWP 101-ATWP 135 Stretch Course Pilot ($3,205) 
  • Simon Pek, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business 
    Integrating Deliberative Pedagogy into the Business School Curriculum ($6,820) 
  • Matthew Pollard, Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies 
    The effect of content-based teaching on learner motivation in second-year German ($3,627) 
  • Colette Smart, Department of Psychology 
    Enhancing Cognitive, Emotional, and Ideological Resilience in Psychology Undergraduates ($2,862.24) 


  • Catherine Costigan, Department of Psychology
    The Psychology of Diversity: Evaluation of a new pedagogical approach to teaching about diversity ($2,471.20)
  • Katherine Elvira, Department of Chemistry
    Does a group project to critically review a journal publication increase the critical thinking skills of second year chemistry students? ($5,000)
  • David Medler, Department of Psychology
    Developing an R Shiny App to Teach Statistics ($2,810)
  • Janice Niemann, Department of English
    Redesigning English Candidacy Exams ($2,229.75)

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