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About the grant

The course design/redesign grant supports the design of a new course, or a redesign of an existing course and its implementation. This course-specific grant encourages instructors to design in ways that are pedagogically innovative and to fill any gaps in academic program curriculum. Funded projects apply learning principles and intended outcomes that incorporate active and/or participatory learning strategies and follow principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Request a consultation

If you are considering applying for this grant, we can meet with you prior to submission to provide feedback and ensure that it meets the criteria. Email to book an appointment with us.


Application Guidelines

Materials and submission form available by December 1, 2023.

Grant Deadline

Each grant will be due at 11:59pm, February 26, 2024.

Adjudication Process

Grant committees will meet in the following 30-60 days.

Applicants Notified

Applicants will be notified by May 10, 2024.


The course design/redesign grant is open to:

  • Single or co-applicants who directly support student learning and the student experience at UVic (includes research and teaching stream faculty, sessional lecturers, laboratory instructors and relevant academic and professional staff)
  • Early-career academic professionals including graduate students* or those new to UVic are especially encouraged to apply 
  • Previous grant recipients for any LTSI grant (if your grant is still active, you must submit obligations prior to be considered for another grant)

Preference will be given to those with continued appointments. If you are a sessional instructor and you are designing/re-designing a course, we may also ask you and your Chair/Director to indicate that you are likely to teach the course again in the future.

Note for graduate students

You must be teaching a regularly scheduled course (subject to the course planning process of a unit) and the Chair/Director must confirm support of the grant proposal. Applications will also require the approval of the student’s academic supervisor and/or the unit’s Graduate Advisor to ensure the feasibility of the project and its value for both the student’s interests and the unit’s curriculum. 

Grant criteria

Successful proposals will include a:

  1. clear specific statement of what the applicant would like to achieve including intended learning outcomes;
  2. well-articulated plan for how to proceed and principles that will guide the process;
  3. description of the proposed significance of the project in terms of contributions to course-related student experience at UVic, which demonstrate potential for significant large-scale or long-term impact;
  4. brief, targeted review of the literature that supports the plan;
  5. plan for sharing the project goals and outcomes to appropriate audiences;
  6. sustainable budget with justification for each item; and,
  7. any additional supports from LTSI or other campus partners that might be helpful for your project.

Please note: You cannot apply to more than one LTSI grant in the same year for the same project. 

Apply for the course design/redesign grant

Review the application process and awardee commitments.

Download the application question template to assist you in preparing your proposal.

Past recipients


  • Julia Baum, Department of Biology
    Coastal Climate Solutions: Interdisciplinary Training to Prepare Canada’s Next Generation of Climate Leaders ($7,500)
  • Barbara Ehlting, Department of Biology
    Development of new upper-level undergraduate course in biology: “Applied Molecular Biology” ($5,146.17)
  • Jennifer Gruno, School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education
    Deconstructing colonialism and de-centering unequal colonial knowledge structures in Physical and Health Education Teacher Education [PHETE] ($3,482.74)
  • Kimball Ketsa, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
    Increasing the Representation of Inclusive Education – Gender Equality (Transgender and Gender Diverse Students) Pedagogy into the Managerial Accounting Curricula ($5,629.75)
  • Lenora Marcellus, School of Nursing
    Development of a primary health care elective for Year 4 Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) students ($7,464.51)
  • Scott McIndoe, Department of Chemistry
  • MoleculAR: An Augmented Reality App For Chemical Visualizations ($6,304)
  • Scott McIndoe, Department of Chemistry
    MoleculAR: An Augmented Reality Application for Understanding 3D Geometry ($6304.06)
  • Jhotisha Mugon, Department of Psychology
    PSYC 351D – Biopsychology: A re-design and update of content using Principles of Universal Design for Learning ($5,613.21)


  • Dillon Chrimes, School of Health Information Science Redesign course for eICU dataset from MIT to dashboards for decision making and improved electronic records ($5,904) 
  • Marlea Clarke, Department of Political Science 
    Fast fashion and the circular economy: engagement, ethical consumption and the global clothing industry ($2,790) 
  • Valerie D’Erman, Department of Political Science 
    New course design for: “The Politics of Debt” ($1,550) 
  • Cliff Haman, Department of Visual Arts 
    Teaching Resource Development Project to facilitate consistent delivery of imaging fundamentals across multiple courses ($4,893.34) 
  • Adam Krawitz, Department of Psychology 
    PSYC 451C: Computational Beauty of Mind ($2,732.80)
  • Kristin Lane, School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education 
    Identify and Develop Learning Modules on Cultural Safety and Humility for the Kinesiology Program ($3,852.28) 
  • Felix Pretis, Department of Economics 
    Re-design of “Climate Economics, ECON 383” to Reflect Latest Climate Science and Economics ($4,314) 
  • John Volpe, School of Environmental Studies
    Environmental Data Visualization for Multiple Variables ($3,216) 
  • Ben Pin-Yun Wang, Department of Pacific and Asian Studies 
    Increasing Engagement Through Peer-Based Instruction in an Introductory Course on Chinese Language and Linguistics ($2,573.60) 
  • Camille Zimmer, Department of Civil Engineering 
    Updating environmental engineering laboratory activities: towards better alignment with current industry practice ($5,000) 


  • Julia Baum, Department of Biology
    Transforming BIOL 466 (Frontiers in Marine Biology) ($1,823.40)
  • Alexandra Branzan Albu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Integration of a case study component in ECE 399-Design Project 1 ($2,491.98)
  • Curran Crawford, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Wind Energy Systems (MECH 444-547) Lab Redesign ($1,944.96)
  • Natalie Frandsen, School of Public Health and Social Policy
    Bachelor of Arts in Health and Community Services Course Renewal: Toward Decolonization of PHSP Curriculum ($3,023.20)
  • Thomas Froese, Department of Civil Engineering
    Developing Learning Modules To Support The Civil Engineering Sustainable Design Spine ($5,000)
  • Kerstin Heilgenberg, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
    New Course design for Com 450 Advanced Business Communication – formative feedback and assessment ($1,215.60)
  • Jianping Pan, Department of Computer Science
    Improving the introductory Computer Networks course, labs and tutorials at UVic ($3,646.80)
  • Viviene Temple, School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education
    Development of EPHE 345 Health Education for Children and Youth ($3,420)
  • Jin-Sun Yoon, School of Child and Youth Care
    Decolonizing Praxis Across Core Courses ($5,000)

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