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By curating a wide spectrum of learning materials, ranging from readings to multimedia presentations, students in Sarah Marie Wiebe’s Public Administration courses remain engaged and find resources that resonate with their unique learning preferences. Recognizing the intricacies of multifaceted topics, Wiebe highlights patterns, relationships, and critical elements within the curriculum (3.2). This structured breakdown not only demystifies complex ideas but also encourages students to further investigate and engage with the content. 

Students dive deeper into research, scriptwriting, visual synchronization and narrative techniques in Wiebe’s digital storytelling assignments. This multi-layered project requires students to sustain effort is through each phase. It’s not just about comprehending the subject matter; it’s about refining it into a compelling narrative that can be shared visually (8.2). Students foster perseverance through this intricate journey and are not only challenged to understand their topics but are also motivated to hone their storytelling skills, ensuring continued engagement and effort throughout the learning process. 

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Sarah Marie Wiebe

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