SI-I Grant Criteria Chart



(1.0 – 2.0)


(2.1 – 4.0)


(4.1 – 5.0)

1. Project context & goals/ learning outcomes

  • Project context sparse or not described
  • Goals & learning outcomes missing, poorly stated or unfeasible
  • Context and goals either not stated or poorly aligned with UVic’s Indigenous Plan (2017-2022)
  • Project context described well but missing some details
  • Goals & learning outcomes feasible but need some work
  • Elements of UVic’s Indigenous Plan (2017-2022) mentioned but could benefit from better alignment to project
  • Project context described thoroughly
  • Goals and learning outcomes clearly stated
  • Context and goals align fully with UVic’s Indigenous Plan (2017-2022)

2. Enhancement of student learning

  • Possible achieved learning outcomes are not mentioned or vague
  • Possible achieved learning outcomes are stated but would benefit from more detail to better align with project and context
  • Possible achieved learning outcomes are specific and clearly stated, and thoroughly aligned to context and project

3. Decolonization/ Indigenization goals and pathways

  • Goals of Indigenization/ Decolonization are not stated or unclear
  • How the project leads to the goals is unstated or unclear
  • Goals are stated and clear but the pathway to those goals is unclear
  • Goals are clearly stated and the project’s pathway to those goals is clear and feasible

4. Literature survey & self preparation

  • Literature cited is sparse
  • Little to no self-preparation for project
  • Literature cited and self-preparation adequate but could use more detail
  • Literature cited and self-preparation well detailed and thorough

5. Sharing findings

  • Ideas for sharing findings are absent, sparse or unclear
  • Ideas for sharing findings are adequate but could be better developed/explained
  • Good range and number of ideas for sharing findings from the project

6. Budget description

  • Budget either missing, unclear or poorly elaborated

  • Budget poorly aligned with project goals

  • Budget moderately elaborated but could use more clarity

  • Budget adequately aligned to project goals

  • Budget clear; very well elaborated and linked to projects’ overall goals and/or learning objectives

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