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Learning and Teaching Together with Technology (L3T) Series

Learning Technologies, Spring 2022, Teaching Assistants

Learning and Teaching Together with Technology (L3T) provides TAs with instruction ensuring they are prepared to use learning technologies and to support instructors in online, blended and face-to-face learning environments. This includes support for in-person class recordings. After attending L3T, TAs will have access to a dedicated Brightspace site to support them further. The Brightspace site will contain resources, slide decks, recordings and more.

About the training

TAs are typically asked to support instructors with the following aspects:

  • Assessment: Marking or grading assignments, providing feedback, building out rubrics
  • Instructional development: supporting discussion forums, quizzes and instructional materials, video quizzes, pre-recorded videos and announcements
  • Student engagement: active learning opportunities, office hours, labs and tutorials where students can engage with one another
  • Student support: one-on-one assistance, technological troubleshooting, gradebook support
  • Instructor support: exam invigilation, reviewing feedback and settings in Brightspace, troubleshooting learning technologies and recordings

Throughout the Learning and Teaching Together with Technology (L3T) series, you will:

  1. actively engage in discussions around how student learning can be supported with educational technologies.
  2. accurately identify ways you can actively support student learning and support your work as a TA through the use of different technologies available at UVic.
  3. appropriately practice different aspects of the educational technologies from a TA and student perspective including classroom recording.
  4. carefully distinguish how educational technology can be used to support various TA duties.

For more information

Contact our TA Coordinator for more information around this workshop series or any of the TA resources.

Workshop Offerings

Record in-person classes with Echo360 (workshop & demo)

Are you assisting an instructor with in-class recording as a part of your TA role? At current, UVic has outfitted 135 centrally booked classrooms for the basic recording of class instruction (check if your classroom is enabled).

This workshop introduces participants to key considerations for class recordings and provides an opportunity to try out class recording in-person.

Using Technology for your Grading or Marking Tasks

What if you have to grade assignments, discussions, and quizzes in Brightspace? What if you are tasked with providing feedback to students for their assignments? How can you use technology to provide audio, video, or written feedback? The instructor you are a TA for has asked you to develop a rubric. What is a rubric and how do rubrics work in Brightspace? In this session, all your questions about the intersection of grading and technology will be answered.

Not Available

Getting the Most out of UVic’s Educational Technologies to Support Student Learning

Join us in this session to learn the ropes around the different instructional tools available to facilitate active student learning. In this session, you will learn multiple ways that you can support student learning, such as:

  • with self-assessments, assignment drop-boxes, discussion forums, and quizzes in Brightspace;
  • how to create pre-recorded videos to support students;
  • how to generate short weekly video announcements to create community within your class; and more!

Not Available

Key Considerations to Encourage Student Engagement – Using Technology Effectively

This engaging session will highlight key features of UVic’s Learning Management System (Brightspace), and other educational technologies including Echo360, MS Teams, and Zoom to actively engage students in their courses. In this session, you will learn how to prompt student engagement with probing questions in discussion forums; encourage students to collaboratively learn and engage with peers in class, labs, studios, tutorials, performances, and office hours; and how to provide scaffolded support for students in group projects and other collaborative exercises.

Not Available

Supporting Students and Instructors with Technology as a TA

In this session, you will learn how you can proactively support your course instructor or your students with the technologies that may be used in the course. For example, how to assist instructors with invigilating exams taking place online and assist both students and instructors with troubleshooting any aspect of UVic’s educational technologies (Zoom, Brightspace, MS Teams, or Echo360). 

Not Available

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