How do I change existing grades from point graded system to weighted?

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If you need to change existing grades from point graded system to weighted, follow the steps below:

Brightspace points gradebook with two categories and eight items.

Sample Brightspace points gradebook with two categories and eight grade items.


  1. Go to Grades in the navbar.
    Grades link highlighted in navigation bar after classlist link.
  2. Select Settings on the right side of the page.
    Settings link highlighted.
  3. Select Calculation Options.
    Calculation options tab is preceded by org unit display options tab.
  4. Select weighted to show the final grade out of 100%, then click Save.
    Note: Explore this link if you would like to get more information on the explanation about weighted, points, and formula.
    Grading system category has weighted as the first option and is selected.
  5. Select Calculated Final Grade to have the system calculate the final grade, or select Adjusted Final Grade to have the ability to modify the final grade after the system calculates it.
    Final grade released options are calculated or adjusted final grade.
  6. You can either select Treat ungraded Items as 0 to have ungraded items automatically be 0, or to Drop ungraded items depending on how you would like to construct your gradebook.
    Grade calculation options for ungraded items are drop ungraded items or treat ungraded items as 0.
  7. Select Automatically keep final grades updated to have the final grade updated with each grading change.Option to automatically keep final grades updated is selected by default.
  8. Select Yes in the confirmation window.
    Confirmation pop-up window to save changes.
  9. Click Close to go back to the grades page.
    Calculation options page is displayed with close button highlighted.
  10. Select the grade category and items you want to adjust the weight of.Brightspace weighted gradebook with notes about empty grade categories.
  11. Click Bulk Edit.
    Bulk edit link preceding table of grade items and categories is highlighted.
  12. Enter the weight of the grade category (weight is the total % of the final grade).Grade category with weight of 50% is highlighted, with other grade items displayed below.
  13. Enter the weight of the grade items (should add up to 100% of the grade category). Use the drop-down menus in the “Category” column to move grade items to their respective grade category (if relevant).Five journal grade items of 20% each are added to the journal grade category worth 50% of the overall grade.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Check to see that all grade categories’ weights add up to 100. If they don’t add up to 100, there will be a Note at the top of the page stating the errors.

Two notes regarding incorrect grade category weights at top of gradebook.

Completed weighted gradebook.

Sample completed weighted gradebook in Brightspace.


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