Export the grades as an Excel or CSV file, grade, and reupload as a CSV, .tsv., or .txt file

To import quiz grades via excel spreadsheet, instructors can download the entire gradebook excel file, enter the quiz grades in the appropriate column and reupload it in grades again. Note: this method allows for grades, but not text feedback. The import/export buttons for the entire gradebook are found under ‘Grades’ > ’Enter Grades’.

Note: The quiz import function in Brightspace recognizes CSV, .tsv and .txt formats only. 

    1. Go to ‘Grades’ in the blue navigation bar.
    2. Near the top under ‘Enter Grades’ click ‘Export’.
    3. Customize your export options and select the grade items you wish to mark and export by using the checkboxes.
    4. Select ‘Export to CSV’ or ‘Export to Excel’. A pop-up window will display from which you can then download the file.
    5. Once you are finished marking, navigate to ‘Grades’ and ‘Import’ to import your CSV, .tsv., or .txt grade file.