Step 1: Open the course you want to work on in Brightspace. Go to Quick Eval on the Navigation Bar.


The Quick Eval button on the Navigation Bar allows you to access this feature.


In the Quick Evaluation page, select Activities in the View by toggle.


Toggle to Activities in the View by toggle will allow you to access the bulk grading feature.


Step 2: By default, Brightspace will show you the completion view as shown for Quiz 1 and Average time in the picture below. Hover your mouse over the quiz you want to mark for the options shown in the pictures to appear. Select Evaluate All.


On the view that ensued from Step 1, hover your cursor to the quiz you would like to evaluate and click Evaluate All.


Step 3: Go to Quiz Results, verify that the Score is correct and add any missing score that was not auto-graded.


You can input score for quiz. Please double check the quiz results.


Step 4: Select Expand question feedback to add feedback.


After adding the score, you can also add your feedback to each question.


Step 5: When done, you can then evaluate the next student by using the “next arrow” at the top header.



Step 6: Repeat steps 1 to 5 until all feedback is given