How does the quiz grace period work?

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What is the grace period on quizzes?


The grace period is an additional amount of time students may be granted to work on a quiz that is not shown on the timer. This additional time may be helpful for students who do not have a reliable internet connection, or those who wish to make last minute edits to their answers before submission.


How do I set up a grade period for my quiz?


The guide below will demonstrate the grace period particularities in a 9 minute quiz with a hidden 1-minute grace period, equating to a 10 minute timed quiz.

The grace period is not made known to students; there is no indication to the student that the grace period exists, and there is no signalling to the student that it has started once the time limit has expired, meaning the quiz will display as 9 minutes long, not 10 minutes.


  1. In the example below, “Test Quiz 1” with the following restrictions was set up.

quiz restructions displaying Timing options on Brightspace, focusing enforced time limit as 9 minutes with 1 minute grace period. Additionally, the exceeded time limit behaviour is "Prevent the student from making further changes".

  1. The quiz includes ten questions, a mixture of multi-select, multiple choice, true or false, and short answer. The quiz is not auto graded.

quiz questions listed

  1. Below is the learner’s view of the quiz before they begin. As seen, only the enforced time limit of 9 minutes is visible and they are unaware of the grace period of 1 minute.learner view of quiz focusing the time allowed as 9 minutes
  1. Below is the learner’s view immediately after they begin the quiz. The timer will count down from the enforced time limit of 9 minutes and will not include the grace period of 1 minute in the timer.

Learner view after quiz attempted focusing the time left, starting at 9 minutes and counting down.

  1. During the last minute of the 9-minute time limit, the timer will flash and turn bold for 5 seconds as seen below. This does not indicate the start of the grace period; it is simply a feature that signals to the learner that there is only a minute left for the quiz.

timer feature displayed

  1. After the enforced time limit of 9 minutes has expired, the timer will display “Time Left: Time Exceeded” as the one-minute grace period will come into effect, but the learner will not be informed of any grace period.

"Time Left: Time Exceeded" displayed

  1. Learners can still work on questions within the grace period. As seen below, a student who started the quiz at 10.23 AM was still able to complete and save the following question after the 9-minute limit had expired. They submitted the question during the grace period.

Note: This is the instructor’s view when evaluating the quiz submission

grace period example displaying the time a question answer was saved


  1. Learners will not be able to work on questions further, nor will they be able to change questions previously answered after the time limit and grace period have expired (the full 10 minutes). This is because the restriction below was selected when setting up the quiz.

quiz restriction displayed for Exceeded Time Limit Behaviour

  1. For the following question, the student answered “True” within the time limit. (student view).

student view of sample question

10. When they attempted to change the answer to “False” after the time limit and grace period had expired, the following message appeared (student view).

error message pop-up : Time Limit Exceeded

11. The answer still appeared changed to the student, and they were able to submit the quiz.

answer appears changed in student view

12. The changed answer was not recorded, however, as it was changed after the grace period had expired. Below in the instructor’s view. We see that the original answer that was selected within the time limit (“True”) was saved and graded.

original answer in instructor view

If the restriction to “Prevent the student from making further changes” is selected, then the students cannot make changes to previously answered questions and cannot continue to work on new ones once the time limit and grace period have expired.

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