Answer keys can help instructors maintain consistency in the overall grading process when multiple graders are involved. Answer keys can be associated with the questions they refer to in a quiz and will only be visible to markers, who can be teaching assistants, super teaching assistants, supplemental instructors, and instructors.


Adding an answer key to a question in a quiz with no submissions


  1. Navigate to Quizzes from the Course Tools tab and then click Question Library.

    The "question library" tab is to the right of "manage quizzes" in the Quizzes tool.


  2. Click on New and choose the Written Response Question type.

    The "written response question" is the fifth option under the "New" drop-down menu in the top left corner.


  3. Click the Options drop-down menu and then Add Answer Key.

    The "options" drop-down menu is on the top right of the page, where you can then select "add answer key" (the fourth option).


  4. Add in the details of your answer key in the answer key text box and then click Save to return to the question library.
A text box is available at the bottom of the left column for the answer key text (visible only to those who are marking). A preview of the question is visible on the right column.


Adding an answer key to a question in a quiz that already has submissions


Please note any changes will only affect future quiz attempts.


  1. Locate your quiz and click Edit Quiz from the context menu (the drop-down arrow next to the title).
  2. Click Add/Edit Questions.

    The button for editing quiz questions is found under the option to "shuffle questions at the quiz level".


  3. If the quiz has already been attempted by some learners, a warning is shown as seen below. It indicates that making any modifications (such as adding an answer key for written response questions) will not appear on existing attempts. Click Continue to proceed.

    The confirmation window informs you that any changes made to your quiz only apply to future attempts. The continue button is in the bottom left corner.


  4. Click on the question you would like to add an answer key to.

    "Add" and "import" functions are available. Current quiz questions are listed beneath these two buttons.


  5. Go to the Options drop-down menu and select Add answer key.

    "Add answer key" for evaluators is the fourth option under the "options" drop-down menu in the top left corner.


  6. Add your answer key and then click Save to return to question library.

    The text box for the answer key is below the options to "enable HTML editor for learner responses" and "enable inserted images and attachments".