This guide shows you how to set up a Pass/Fail grading scheme and also, optionally, how not to count a particular grade item that uses this scheme towards your final grade calculation. We recommend that you have basic knowledge of how to make gradable assessment items such as Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions and create new grade items in the Gradebook before attempting these steps.


How to make a Pass/Fail Discussion/Quiz/Assignment


Step 1: Open Brightspace, select the course you want to work on, select Grades on the NavBar, then select the Schemes tab.



Step 2: Click New Scheme, which will take you to a new page. Input the options shown below and click the trash can icon in the 3rd row in the Range section to delete it. Click Save and Close at the bottom left of the screen (you may need to scroll down to be able to see it).



You have now created the scheme to make grades Pass/Fail.


Step 3: Click the drop down menu Course Tools and select which type of item you want to create (Discussion, Quiz, or Assignment).


Step 4: If you have an item already created, you can select that item and edit it to change the scheme or you can create a new item. Set Score Out Of to be 1. Complete the item as usual.


Step 5: Go to Grades, then select the Manage Grades tab. Select all items and click “Bulk Edit”.



Step 6: On the right side you can set the Grade Scheme of the items to Pass/Fail.


Click Save once you are happy with all the settings.


Optional: How to exclude a Pass/Fail mark from a final grade calculation


If do not want the Pass/Fail grade item to count towards the final grade but do want it to show up in the Gradebook, you will need to select Weighted Grading System and set each item’s weight to 0. Alternatively, you can leave the item out of the Gradebook, and students can check whether they have passed or failed by looking at their mark in the item.


To set up the Gradebook:


Step A1: Go to Grades and select Settings on the upper right side of the page. Then select the Calculation Options.



Step A2: Select the Weighted system (if it is not already selected) and click save.


Step A3: Click the Grades in the banner and go back to Manage Grades. Select all items again and then Bulk Edit. You can now set any items you do not want to affect the final grade to a weight of 0 and still have them present in the Gradebook.