Instructors have various options to configure how they would like students to submit their assignments.

Assignment types

There are two types of assignments you can create for learners. Your choice of assignment type will depend on whether you would like learners to work and be assessed individually or in groups.

  1. Individual assignments: learners submit their own work and are assessed individually.
  2. Group assignments: Any member of a group can submit the assignment to a group folder. Group members are given a common grade.*

*Grades for individuals within a group can be manually overridden in the gradebook if all members are not to receive the same grade for the assignment. Please visit this post for more details.

Submission types

Four submission types are available to instructors when creating assignments to allow evaluation of many different tasks.

  1. File submission: learners upload and submit file(s) as their assignment.
  2. Text submission: learners post text, image, or a link to their work in a text box within the assignment.
  3. On paper submission: learners submit a physical copy of their assignment directly to their instructor (for example, in person or by mail). No file upload is required to complete the assignment.
  4. Observed in person: allows instructors to observe learners as they perform tasks, such as in-class presentations, and evaluate them using Assignments. No file upload is required to complete the assignment.

Additional options

Number of files per submission

For file submission assignments, you can choose to allow the learner to submit an unlimited number of files with their submission one file with their submission.

Number of submissions

Both file and text submission assignments allow you to choose between three options for how many submissions learners are allowed to make and which submissions are kept.

  1. All submissions are kept: all submissions made by the learner can be seen.
  2. Only the most recent submissions is kept: only the final submission made by the learner can be used for assessment.
  3. Only one submission allowed: the learner can only make one submission to the assignment.

Completion options

On paper submission and Observed in person assignments include additional completion options as no submissions are made by learners in Brightspace Learning Environment. Instructors Choose completion options when creating assignments.The existing submission types are:

  1. Completed manually by learners: the learner marks their own assignment as complete.
  2. Automatically on evaluation: the assignment is marked completed when it is evaluated. This the only assignment type that will not display in Quick Eval.
  3. Automatically on due date: the assignment is marked complete on the due date. The assignment will appear in Quick Eval when the due date has passed.