Brightspace provides two options for viewing your course as a learner. Option 1 allows you to view your course as a learner, while Option 2 lets you create and impersonate a demo student to test out site features like discussions and quizzes.


Option 1: View as Learner


1. Sign into Brightspace and enter the desired course.

2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the window and select “View as Learner”.

3. To exit this view click on your name again and click the X beside “Viewing as Learner”.


Option 2: Add and Impersonate a Demo Student


All credit courses are automatically provided with a demo student you can use to try things out from the student perspective. If you need a demo student for a non-credit course, please contact

Once your request is fulfilled you can navigate to Classlist in your class navigation bar. Once you find your demo student in the list, click the drop-down menu beside their name and select “Impersonate” from the list. Please visit How do I use a Demo Student in my course? for more details.