Q: How can I create written answer questions that students can insert images into?

To create a question for students to submit images, start with a Written Response question and then tick off both the “Enable HTML editor” and/or Enable inserted images and attachments. Either setting when enabled will allow students to attach files to their submission. If you enable HTML editor the image will be visible within the submission, but with enabling attachments the file will appear below the submission and must be opened to view. For images to be inserted into the question they must be a JPG or PNG file

From the student’s view:

In a written response question, students can embed an image with the camera icon at the top left-hand corner or attach a photo to the submission using the “Add a File” button at the bottom of the text box. These features are a result of enabling the HTML editor, as well enabling inserted images and attachments.

Once selected, the student should select Add a File from My Computer. They will then be able to upload a photo.

Note: When an essay question is created in the Assignment tool as a text submission, there will not be an option for students to upload a photo file off their computer.

Students will only have access to adding a URL link to add a photo as seen below

Using Assignments:

Alternatively, many instructors choose to have midterms that have a quiz component for most question types but then an assignment dropbox for the long answers, and this would work for image attachment as well