Follow this step by step guide to learn how to grade Crowdmark assessments.

Upon being invited to grade an assessment in Crowdmark, you will receive an email. Select the Go to Assessment button to be directed to the assessment.Screenshot of the link you will receive to grade an assessment.
Follow the steps below to grade assessments in Crowdmark.

Step 1:
 On the main page, click on the course.Screenshot fo the Crowdmark course selection page with a course highlighted
Step 2:
Click on the assessment to be graded.Screenshot of your course page in Crowdmark. Select the assessment you would like to grade.

Step 3:
 Click on a question to start grading.This is a screenshot of the assessment grading page. Here, you can view the assessment questions. Select a question to grade it, please note that progress and timing information for each question will appear once selected.

Step 4:
 Use annotation tools to leave comments and feedback. The following are a list of annotation tools available in the order shown in the screenshot:

  1. Comments: A comment can be dragged and dropped to another location on the page. Comments support Markdown for formatting and LaTeX for math and chemical equations.
  2. Freeform Annotations (drawing tools): Click and drag anywhere on a page to write or draw on top of student work.
  3. Stamps: Click anywhere on a page to add a stamp.
  4. Highlight Box: Click and drag to create a semi-transparent box over student work.
  5. Delete: Click on an annotation, stamp, or box to delete it.
  6. Color palette: Selecting a color applies that color to future annotations, stamps, and highlight boxes.
  7. Comment Library: Opens a list of frequently used comments that can be added to the page by clicking or dragging and dropping. Click on the Comment Library link to manage, add and share comments on a particular question.
    When grading, there are a number of annotation tools to choose from.

Filter the evaluation and use shortcuts.

Step 5:
 Enter the marks > Ok > Next ungraded Q1.This is a screenshot of how you can enter marks. You have the option to filter evaluation or use shortcuts. You will see a sidebar where you can enter the grades. Select OK once the marks have been inputted.

If your course has 5 students and the assessment is made of three questions, Crowdmark allows you to grade Q1 for all the students. Once you have completed Q1 for Student 1, you can move to Q1 for Student 2 by clicking on Next ungraded Q1.


A point value can be attached to a comment, which will be automatically reflected in the question score when it is placed on the page. You will see an “(auto)” indicator under the score in the grading sidebar. Positive or negative points can be attached to comments.

Adding a comment with a positive point value will add that number from a starting score of 0.

Keep in mind that if you use comments with both positive and negative scoring in the same evaluation, the order in which you place the comments matters. For example, if you use a comment with a positive point value first, then use a comment with a negative point value, the negative points we be subtracted from the positive (current) point value.

Using the grading keypad or your keyboard to manually add a score to the question will override all comment points in the question score. If you remove your manual score by clicking the “x”, the question score will revert back to the automatic “(auto)” score set by the comment points.

 Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can make grading more efficient. Click the Shortcuts link in the top right of the screen to see the list of shortcuts.

A screenshot of the keyboard shortcuts

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