• Credit courses: Students will automatically be enrolled in your Brightspace course site after they register for the course. Keep in mind – in order for students to access a course, it must also be a) active and b) after the specified start date for the course in Brightspace. 
  • Community and Training and Non-CRN sites: Add participants/learners using the Classlist tool in Brightspace.
    1. Access the course you want to add participants to.
    2. Select Classlist located on the blue navigation bar.
    3. Select Add Participants and then click Add Existing Users.
    4. Search for an individual by typing their name or V number in the search bar under Add Existing Users and clicking the search icon.
      Note: If you would like to mass assign users with the same name to a role (that is, there are multiple students with the same name in your course), navigate to Enrolment Options at the top of the page and select the role you would like the participants to be assigned. Afterwards, select Set all Roles.
    5. Select the users you would like to enroll by checking off the box next to their name. If you would like to individually assign user roles, customize their role in the drop-down menu located to the right of their V number. For students, they would be classified as Learners.
    6. Once you have found the user(s) and assigned their role(s), select Enroll Selected Users located on the bottom left of the page to enroll them into your course. You will then be taken to a Confirmation of Enrolment page where you can either select Done to finish or Add More Participants to search for other users.

This short one-and-a-half minute video walks you through how to add a participant to your course.