Yes, you can teach with Zoom. Yes, it is secure.

UVic is implementing an institutional version of Zoom and at present, the Zoom server is located in the US.  The date stored on the US server will be limited to student name, email address, UVic affiliation and device information.  Students will be required to provide consent for the disclosure of this information.  Consent will be collected when a student first accesses Zoom.  Students who have questions regarding this disclosure can contact the Privacy and Access to Information Office at  Instructors can also refer any students with questions to

One of the great benefits of having our own UVic site license is that we can – and are – configuring defaults and settings to comply with best security and privacy practices. We are also working on training and documentation to support you in these best practices (see FAQ on safe and secure sessions and listen to UVic’s Chief Information Security Officer’s podcast on Zoom security.