See the Brightspace tool guide for basic overview of various tools and features available in Brightspace. Tools in Brightspace are accessed under the “Course Tools” in the navbar. Need access? Join the “Getting Started with Brightspace” site for useful tips, resources, and the most up to date news.

These include tools for..

Engaging and collaborating:

  • Groups
  • Announcements
  • Discussion
  • Chat
  • Self-Assessment (great for instant feedback, but please note it does not record responses for future viewing)
  • Calendar
  • Video quizzes
  • Checklist
  • Surveys


  • Quiz
  • Assignment
  • Grades
  • Crowdmark
  • Rubric

Personalization and support

  • Awards
  • Survey (branching)
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Competencies

and more!


Tip: You can also learn more about Brightspace Tools for Higher Education in this PDF resource.